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EA Blinds is a company with a rich heritage that dates back to 1987, when it was founded by the visionary husband and wife team, Mike and Sue Watling. With a focus on manufacturing roof blinds for the then-innovative conservatory industry, the Watlings' previous experience in engineering proved to be invaluable in solving the problems of making blinds in the unique shapes required for the Victorian and Georgian-style buildings.

In the early days of the business, Mike and Sue personally handled every aspect of the company's operations, from designing and selling to manufacturing and installation. As demand for their products grew, the company quickly expanded and began to employ more people. In 1992, EA Blinds became a Limited Company, and in 1994, the company moved to larger premises to accommodate the increasing demand for its products.

Over the years, EA Blinds has gained a reputation for innovation and the quality of its products, thanks in large part to the passion and dedication of its founders. Mike and Sue's unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction have been at the heart of the company's success, and their legacy lives on today.

As EA Blinds continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of its customers, it remains true to the principles upon which it was founded. The company's rich heritage and commitment to quality serve as a reminder of the values that have guided its growth and success over the years, and of the vision and leadership of its founders, Mike and Sue Watling.

Innovation & Growth

We have been a part of several innovations over the years, which have revolutionized the way we manufacture, and design blinds. These innovations have led to increased efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics of blinds, making them more appealing to consumers.

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In the 1980s, we introduced roof blinds for conservatories, which were a new concept at the time. This innovation was made possible by the use of new materials and manufacturing techniques that allowed the production of blinds in complex shapes and sizes.


In the 1990s, we introduced remote-controlled and motorized blinds, which allowed for more convenient and precise control of lighting and privacy. This innovation was made possible by advances in electronic and motor technology.


In the 2000s, we introduced energy-efficient and eco-friendly blinds, which helped to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. This innovation was made possible by the use of new materials and manufacturing techniques that improved the insulation and shading properties of blinds.


In the 2010s, we introduced smart blinds, which can be controlled by voice commands, mobile apps, or home automation systems. This innovation was made possible by advances in wireless communication and smart home technology.


In the 2020s, we are likely to see further innovations in smart blinds, including the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the automation and personalization of blinds.

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